Thursday, October 9, 2014

Interview with Suki Fleet!

It is time for a glimpse, just a glimpse mind you, behind the curtain and into the story behind the story. The story of Skeletons, Suki Fleet's latest release!

Jan has given up on love, at least the romantic kind. He loves his five-year-old son Henry more than anything.

But when Henry starts school, Jan is introduced to Matthew, a very sweet but shy young man who helps out in Henry’s class. Although he tries desperately to ignore his attraction, Jan finds himself falling for Matthew--he's everything Jan needs.

But amid creepy silent phone calls and possible break-ins, things start to fall slowly apart for Jan. Matthew wants to trust Jan, but the skeleton Jan has been trying to keep buried in his closet and the guilt he feels threatens to destroy everything good in his life.

1. Did you set out to write a romance wrapped around a suspenseful mystery, or did that just kind of...happen?

Haha no, I’m not much of a planner. All my stories just kind of happen

2. How difficult was it to incorporate a kindergartener into your book? Are children harder or easier to write?

I guess I just see them as another character, with as many facets (hopefully) as any adults in the story.

3. Everyone has something from their past they'd rather not have turn up. Does Mathew have sinister secrets? Is his sweet and shy personality really an act?

Actually no, he really is just a sweetheart. He’s had his fair share of pretty serious problems, but he is open about them. I love to write contrasting characters and this is where Jan and Matthew are very different.

5. Villains. Love to love them or love to hate them?

Love, but only if they are complex and tortured.

6. Out of all the books, movies, and TV shows, who claims the cape o' evil as your Most Favorite Villain?

Because I can’t think of any book villains right now I will go with films and Loki from Thor is one of my favourite characters ever.

7. Skeleton is a very fitting title. Is there a story behind how you came up with it?

Titles come to me before stories evolve. I suspect my subconscious is far more intelligent than I am :P

8. What's your favorite part of the publishing process? Editing? Seeing the cover? Reading the galley? Finishing the first draft? Getting the contract? All of the above?

Contract definitely.

9. Recommend some books! What are two or three books you've really enjoyed recently?

10. What is your favorite thing to drink while reading/writing/editing?

Tea- lady grey (I’m probably addicted)

Thank you for the interview, Suki!

Skeletons is available at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Dreamspinner Press.

Suki Fleet currently lives in the heart of England. Her childhood was quite unconventional and she spent some time living on a boat and travelling at sea with her family. Since she was very small she has always dreamed of writing for a living, but though she has written original fiction online for years and encouraged many new writers to keep going and follow their author dreams, it is only recently she got the courage to make her own dream a reality and actually send something off to a publisher.

By day she runs her own business selling fabric (her second love) and juggling family commitments, by night she weaves the stories that the characters in her head dictate. These stories often start with pain or longing but always end with love.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Storytime with Angel Martinez!

Prisoner 374215? Gravitational Attraction? Yeah, THAT Angel Martinez is doing a thing.

A very creative thing, and I am all about creative things. Make good art and all that.

She's reading excerpts of various LGBT books and posting them on her blog. I'm the lucky guest today, with an excerpt from Winter's Risk. I chose a section from the middle of the book to showcase the tension between Alex and Martin they're both determined to ignore with snarky banter.

But I think most getting-to-know-you scenes could benefit from fewer clothes and more confined spaces. Your mileage may vary.

IT IS FANTASTIC so head over to her blog and give it a listen!