Winter's Risk

Some review sites don't use a star system, so I've put whatever rating they gave it. These are all really neat sites. If you're looking for book recommendations, go visit them. You won't be disappointed!

Joyfully Jay 4.25 Stars - 'Hudson really immerses us in great details that make it all come alive.' 

Prism Book Alliance 4.5 Stars - 'The chemistry between Alex and Martin pops off the page – their verbal bantering is priceless.'

Love Bytes Reviews 4 Stars - 'The quick banter mixed with the heart pounding action keeps you on your toes and draws you in.'

The Blogger Girls Good - 'I really loved the bear parts and the rescue.'
MM Good Book Reviews - 4 Hearts - 'There was drama, emotions, passion, and electricity in this short story.'

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