Thursday, June 26, 2014

Comfy Chairs? Yes, Please!

Who doesn't like a comfy chair? Nobody, that's who. The wonderful Elin Gregory invited me to squish myself down in the comfy chair and answer a few pointed questions about books, bears, and I also managed to work beer into the discussion.

Like the alliteration? I'm kind of proud of it.

She asked excellent questions and I tried to live up to them with my answers. If you're interested in the aforementioned topic:

And don't forget the book: (#50 on Amazon short reads!)

Then come over and visit. I'm giving one of those pictured items away to a lucky commenter!

Plot twist, it's the bear! No, really. He's housebroken and free to a good home as long as there's lots of bird feeders and rope to play with. He's an indoor bear and likes to cuddle.

(not really)


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Twitter Takeover? That's not very nice, is it?

Yes, it is I, @AnyPennyH who will be snatching the @Dreamspinners twitter account and leading Le révolution! Sorry, I'm going to see Les Mis in a couple of weeks and I'm somewhat ridiculously excited. But I'm giving books away today, so you should be ridiculously excited. Or not. Free books always give me a book-boner. But I think we have established I'm odd.
Twitter Takeover. For one precious hour I become @Dreamspinners. 7pm Central time.

I'll tag my tweets with #DSPtakeover and Storify them later so all the banter and behind-the-scenes babble about writing Winter's Risk can be immortalized forever on this blog. Except for the tweets when I misspell things, those can just fade away into the electronic round-file. Unless it's an amusing misspelling, those I'll keep.

Storify is another new thing I'll have to learn since embarking on the published author path, but I've seen other people do it and that means Google can teach me how to make it happen. Because I'm a strong, independent author who don't need no professional computer person! Or something...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

How is Purple Rose like a Tea House?

Quite a puzzler isn't it? Or is it? It isn't.

Because it is one!

The Purple Rose Tea House, managed by the lovely Charlie Cochet, is hosting a guest blog from yours truly. It contains pictures of unknown, never-before-seen on this planet flowers, foreign scenery, and new book giveaway opportunities.

Or maybe that's hyperbole.


It also has details about Winter's Risk, an excerpt, and my secrets of airbending exercise routine.

And those facts are solid as granite. (Or gravity, when I do an oopsie.)

It seems like a Minion is about to push a boulder down on my head! How despicable!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

All the Good Blog Titles Are Taken

Coffee and Porn in the Morning?


What better things could encapsulate a romance blog so perfectly? Nothing, that's what.

Coffee and Porn in the Morning was the very first m/m romance blog I ever followed, so when I decided to kick off the Winter's Risk blog tour there, in their sacred server space, I knew I had to step up my game. Way, way up. It's time for the big leagues...

I've had my ceremonial coffee and browsed through their archives for some hot, sexy pictures to start the day off right. Forget you, eggs and cereal. There's a new breakfast routine in town.

If you would like to modernize your morning routine, or just win a free book, have a gander. All the NSFW content is behind a cut, so don't be afraid to improve your day with some coffee and porn, and a post by yours truly, dreaming about the outdoors and Winter's Risk.