Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Twitter Takeover? That's not very nice, is it?

Yes, it is I, @AnyPennyH who will be snatching the @Dreamspinners twitter account and leading Le révolution! Sorry, I'm going to see Les Mis in a couple of weeks and I'm somewhat ridiculously excited. But I'm giving books away today, so you should be ridiculously excited. Or not. Free books always give me a book-boner. But I think we have established I'm odd.
Twitter Takeover. For one precious hour I become @Dreamspinners. 7pm Central time.

I'll tag my tweets with #DSPtakeover and Storify them later so all the banter and behind-the-scenes babble about writing Winter's Risk can be immortalized forever on this blog. Except for the tweets when I misspell things, those can just fade away into the electronic round-file. Unless it's an amusing misspelling, those I'll keep.

Storify is another new thing I'll have to learn since embarking on the published author path, but I've seen other people do it and that means Google can teach me how to make it happen. Because I'm a strong, independent author who don't need no professional computer person! Or something...

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