Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Love Bytes <--Plot twist! Not a Vampyre blog!

Sometimes things aren't what they seem. Love Bytes is a gigantic review site and I, because I am a lucky little writer-chick, was allowed to ramble on about the pros and cons of Inside versus Outside.

The Inside world has A/C, comfy sofas, wifi, hot and cold running water and also tea, indoor plumbing, television, solid walls which keep the creepy-crawlies out- why would anyone go outside? Really?

I have found many things in my house, but a centipede as long as my foot has never turned up.

So why does the Outside world even get a mention? Why do so many people (including myself) drag ourselves out into the hot, sunlight-infested, creature-ridden, not-paved, no-bars outside? For fun?

It's good for the soul to see farther than four walls once in a while. Maybe that's why.

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